S/N  1165

Manufactured in January 1943     JRF-6B      Bu0221

    to RN FAA as BW818 ntu, FP515  delivered to Trinidad

    to U.S. Navy as Bu66332      Mk. 1A

U.S. Navy Surplus   1945

Ellis Air Lines - Ketchikan, AK  1948-1962

Alaska Coastal Ellis Airlines - Ketchikan, AK  1962-1968

Alaska Airlines - Seattle, WA  1968-1972

Antilles Air Boats - U.S.V.I 1973-1981

   AAB  ceased operations 1981 - stored at A. Hamilton Airport - St. Croix

   Relocated to Ft. Lauderdale 1982 (photo above -Keith Sowter)

David Bettencourt - Honolulu, HI  (aviation attorney re-added registration July 1984)

Roland N. Duke - Costa Mesa, CA  1988-1992

Charles Glen Hyde - Roanoke, TX  1992-1999

Flight Data Inc. - Carson City, NV   1999-2010

Brett R. Mayes - Williams, CA  2010-2014

photo credit Tom Anusewicz
photo credit Tom Anusewicz

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