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S/N  B-46
Amazon Rubber Boom

Manufactured 1944    JRF-5     Bu37793

to RN FAA as FP471: BOC 4/24/44  SOC 3/5/45

Op -British Air Commission, USA


Rubber Development Corp. - Washington, D.C.  NR46497    1945-1946

Arthur Williams/

British Guyana Airways Corp. 1946 - 1964  NC1048V / N1048V /  VP-GAC

Guyana Airways Corp.  1964 -1969

Antilles Air Boats - U.S.V.I.  1973-1981

   stored at Alexander Hamilton Airport, St. Croix until 1983

Dean H. Franklin - Miami, FL  1983-1984

Larry J. Siggelkow - Las Vegas, NV  1987-1992

Dean H. Franklin/Amphibians Inc. - Miami, FL 1992-2000

Dean H. Franklin Worldwide Aviation Distributors Inc. 2/1/00 to 5/10/00

Aero Accessories Inc. - Gibsonville, NC  2000 - 2005

     purchased/dismantled into major components

Sam Damico - Pittsford, N.Y.  purchased fuselage for planned rebuild of N327/1051

Antilles Seaplanes LLC - Gibsonville, NC   offers Goose rebuild and sales April 2013

victor (2).jpg

Claude " Bonnie" Austin and Victor Pinhiero were  long time maintenance supervisor for AAB. Both came from Guyana Airways

Screenshot (1235).png
photo credit Stephan Piercey
photo credit Stephan Piercey
photo credit Stephan Piercey
photo credit Stephan Piercey
FAA Records - N1048V
FAA Form 337 - further documentation / misc.
Ownership / Transfers / Registrations / misc.
photo credit Peter Vercruijsse
photo credit Gregg Arveson
Dean H. Franklin - Miami, FL
photo credit Glenn Arveson
ron mak aab pic2.jpg
Post in Backcountry Pilot - Sept.  2011
Will check with Samual P. Damico from Pittsford, N.Y. on current status.
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