S/N  B-46

Manufactured 1944    JRF-5     Bu37793

to RN FAA as FP471: BOC 4/24/44  SOC 3/5/45

Op -British Air Commission, USA


Rubber Development Corp. - Washington, D.C.  NR46497    1945-1946

Arthur Williams/

British Guyana Airways Corp. 1946 - 1964  NC1048V / N1048V /  VP-GAC

Guyana Airways Corp.  1964 -1969

Antilles Air Boats - U.S.V.I.  1973-1981

   stored at Alexander Hamilton Airport, St. Croix until 1983

Dean H. Franklin - Miami, FL  1983-1984

Larry J. Siggelkow - Las Vegas, NV  1987-1992

Dean H. Franklin/Amphibians Inc. - Miami, FL 1992-2000

Dean H. Franklin Worldwide Aviation Distributors Inc. 2/1/00 to 5/10/00

Aero Accessories Inc. - Gibsonville, NC  2000 - 2005

     purchased/dismantled into major components

Sam Damico - Pittsford, N.Y.  purchased fuselage for planned rebuild of N327/1051

Antilles Seaplanes LLC - Gibsonville, NC   offers Goose rebuild and sales April 2013

Claude " Bonnie" Austin was a long time maintenance supervisor for AAB. Bonnie came from Guyana Airways

Heading 6
photo credit Stephan Piercey
photo credit Stephan Piercey
photo credit Stephan Piercey
photo credit Stephan Piercey
photo credit Peter Vercruijsse
photo credit Gregg Arveson
Dean H. Franklin - Miami, FL
Post in Backcountry Pilot - Sept.  2011
Will check with Samual P. Damico from Pittsford, N.Y. on current status.

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