S/N  B-19

Manufactured in  1944   JRF-5G

U.S. Navy  Bu34090     model G-38 transferred from Navy to U.S. Coast Guard

U.S. Coast Guard  s/n V227    1945 -1953   wfu 8/17/53

  registered N2578B  9/20/56

  re-registered N40R

Windjammer Flying Service - Miami, FL  1963-1964

Antilles Air Boats - U.S.V.I.  1964-1981

    AAB  ceased operations  1981         struck off USCR  2/2/81

Recent discussions with former AAB staff (4) has questioned this incident. It was posted to 2/28/70  accident but it is clearly a separate incident that happened in 1969. No official reports exists.

Not that we wanted to add another to the list.

It was only 51 years ago but memory... a little rusty.

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