Dick Probert

S/N  B-53

Manufactured in 1943   JRF-5      Bu37800

to Argentina Navy as 0254

to Paraguay Navy as 0126


Dick Probert / Catalina Airlines - Long Beach, CA  1967

   Probert acquired the remaining 3 Paraguay Navy Gooses in trade for Cessna  U206C's

   Gooses wfu, made ferriable for delivery to USA 1970

Wiltern R. Probert - Long Beach, CA   US Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA)  10/2/70

Antilles Air Boats - U.S.V.I. 19701981

   AAB ceased operations 9/11/81  stored A. Hamilton Airport, St. Croix

Sales Rep - Miami FL 1984-2013

  struck off USCR 6/5/13

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