Grumman Albatross  G-111 (HU-16)

Charles Blair purchased 3 Grumman Albatross's with the hopes of having them in service at Antilles Air Boats. One arrived in STX and was parked at the AAB hangar at the airport. It never saw service. One crashed early in the ferrying and the other left in storage.


Untited Capital Corporation
Wildfire Aircraft, LLC
C/N  G-218

C/N G-218    SA-16B       51-7168     USAF

(74B)             HU-16B    



1973-1975   Robert Bean - Tucson, Arizona

1976-1981   Antilles Air Boats - St, Croix, USVI

1981              Grumman - St. Augustine, FL

                       converted to G-111

3/1981-82    Flying Boats, Inc./Chalks Int'l. Airlines - Miami, FL


1982-1996    Flying Boats, Inc. - Miami, Florida

                       stored Pinal Park, Marana Arizona

2/24/96-2009  United Capital Corp. - Wilmington, DE

4/10/12-16   Wildfire Aircraft, LLC - Mesa, AZ

1/9/17 -         Barron Aviation, LLC - Perry, MO


C/N  G-146
C/N  G-210
Bill Mable


SA-16B       51-7160

1973   Robert Bean

1977   Antilles Air Boats


3/9/77 -ferry flt. / crashed after take-off

SA-16A       51-67

1973   Robert Bean

1977   Antilles Air Boats - USVI

Capt. Blair was in discussions with many aircraft manufactures over the years with the hopes that seaplane service would continue in the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean for many years. I will share more of his ideas on subsequent pages.