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Accident  -  August 27,1965
S/N  1161

An embarrassing as well as an expensive return to Antilles Air Boats seaplane ramp at Pan Am Pavilion in Christiansted St. Croix. Failure to lower the gear, before powering up the ramp, had N95467 into the wall on the left side of the smallest airport terminal in the islands. Crunch!  


The FAA Form 337 - Major Repair and Alteration was completed on N95467 on October  26, 1965 , just 2 months after the accident. AAB's structural repair capabilities at the time was not what it was a few years later. Bill Kilborn came from Ft. Lauderdale to assist with repairs and get the aircraft in service as soon as possible. A goose out of service for two months in those days was certainly difficult for the schedule.  Anthony Gagliani recently researched the FAA documents to allow the post below. 

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