C/N   J-10



11-46          Grumman Aircraft, demonstrator

                    Bethpage, NY

                    hull damaged and repaired     

07-47          Popular Mechanics Magazine

                     named "Apache III"

                     Chicago, IL

12-10-48     Meurer Company Inc.

                     New York, NY

12-13-48     Bower Roller Bearing Co.

07-29-55     renamed Bower Roller Bearing Div.

                     Federal Mogul-Bower Bearings

                     Detroit, Michigan  

09-28-55     3,770 hrs.

03-17-61     Federal-Mogul-Bower Bearings, Inc.

                     Detroit, Michigan

08-09-72     Frakes Aviation Inc. 

                     Angwin, CA


11-18-74     West Coast Air Service 

                     Vancouver, B.C.

06-25-75     13,400 hrs.


05-26-78      Amphibian Sales Inc.

                      Dean Franklin

                      Miami, FL  

09-27-78      15,700 hrs.

10-27-78      ANTL. Inc. (Resorts International)

                      Miami, FL

                       (leased to Antilles Air Boats)

 09-11-81      AAB ceased operations (17,721 hrs.)

 03-15-82      Virgin Islands Seaplane Shuttle

                      St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands    

04-03-84      severe wing damage during maintenance

                      withdrawn from service

                      (19,450 hrs.)

07-84            dismantled and shipped to

                      Frakes Aviation for G-73T conversion

12-84            Associated Consultants International

                      (affiliated with VISS)


-85                reregistered; G-73T but conversion

                      never completed

09-24-91      sold to Frakes Aviation


"Apache III"

Oct. 1948

AAB aircraft parked at Alexander Hamilton Airport after it ceased operations in 1981.

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