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C/N   J-42
photo credit Ralph Chambers

N2975          Pre-delivery registration


01-20-49      C.F. Kettering Inc.

                      Dayton, Ohio

                      named "The Blue Tail Fly"


03-10-59      re-registered

07-10-59      Kiekhaefer Corp. (Mercury Marine)

                      Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

10-23-59      Daniel R. Topping / Del E. Webb

                      N.Y. Yankees

                      New York, N.Y.

11-02-64      The New York Yankees, Inc.

                      New York, N.Y.

12-02-65      Crow Inc.

                      Toledo, Ohio

12-06-66      6,200 hrs.     

06-21-75      8,754 hrs.

12-20-76      Beaver Aviation Service, Inc.

                      Grove City, PA

12-28-76      Leon "Tony" Barnum (Crow Inc.)

                      Whitehouse, Ohio

05-15-78       H. Dan Hill / David G. Dixon                   

                       Santa Ana, CA

08-28-78       Dixon & Hill Aircraft Leasing Co.

                       Santa Ana, CA

                       leased to Trans Catalina Airlines

                       named "Island Princess"

06-14-79       Chalk's International Airlines Inc.

                       Miami, FL

                       leased to Antilles Air Boats

                                        U.S. Virgin Islands

06-01-80      10,842 hrs.  

09-11-80       Antilles Air Boats ceased operations

                       returned to Chalk's - Miami         

                       Frakes Aviation for G-73T conversion

            85      13,842 hrs.

N142 PA

01-29-98       Pan Am Air Bridge

                       Ft. Lauderdale, FL    

                       Corona Beer colors

 03-31-05      Seaplane Adventures LLC (Chalk's)

                       Greenwich, CT

12-05-05       34,787 hrs

03-25-10       registration cancelled


0589509 (1).jpg
Dixon & Hill Aircraft Leasing
photo by Chris Bell
FAA Records - N51151
FAA Form 337 - further documentation / misc.
Ownership / Transfers / Registrations / misc.
photo by Tom Anusewicz
25824_1585860720 (1).jpg
photo by Tom Anusewicz
photo from The Aviation Photo Company purchased 12/1/21
photo by Chris Bell
The Blue Tail Fly
0431709 (1).jpg

N51151 makes a cameo appearance in Bimini in the Bahamas with Chalk's Airways in 1990.

N51151 Kudo 1.jpg
photo credit Jimmy Keiichi Kudo
N51151 Kudo 4.jpg
photo credit Jimmy Keiichi Kudo
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