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"Casino owners purchase Antilles Air Boats"

Atlantic City
Paradise Island, Bahama
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It wasn't difficult to understand, that after Charles F. Blair's death in 1978, that Antilles Air Boats was going to have unfavorable days ahead. Mrs. Blair certainly rose to the occasion to provide the leadership as President  and Nick Castruccio as General Manager but with new FAA restrictions it was going to be economically difficult to operate. Mrs. Blair revisited conversations that her husband had with Resorts International about investing in AAB. Resorts International had already purchased Chalk's Airlines (1974). It was clear that Chalk's provided needed seats to the casino on Paradise Island.  The U.S. Virgin Islands did not have legalized  gambling at the time but R.I. was hoping that would change. They were willing to gamble that it would.

In 1979, AAB had new owners.

Resorts International had interest in airlines acquisition before and after AAB with attempts to acquire Pam Am and TWA. Both attempts failed.

In 1980 Pan Am bought National Airlines and merged their operations and utilized National's Miami maintenance base. Some of National's maintenance management found their way to Resorts International and subsequently AAB.


Antilles Air Boats certainly needed an influx of capital but in my view we didn't need Resorts International's  plan for success. Their management team coming from Florida to show how a seaplane airline should operate did not always fare well. Some of the very best in the business were already at AAB and R.I. needed to do less talking and more listening.

In 1981, the decision was made against Virgin Island casinos and Resorts International made preparations to put AAB up for sale.

Many of the aircraft were ferried to Florida. 

  A helicopter operator purchased the name, Antilles Air Boats but couldn't obtain the leases to the seaplane bases from the V.I. government. 

Later in 1981, Virgin Island Seaplane Shuttle begun their quest to replace AAB as the downtown to downtown seaplane service. They began their service on March 15, 1982.

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State of New Jersey Casino Control Commission

There have been a number of theories  (conspiracy slant) regarding Mary Carter Paint Co. being a front for the CIA.  Before MCPC deviated to land development they had over 500 company and franchise paint outlets. With business declining and on-going lawsuits, I believe James Crosby moved in what he thought was a better direction. I added a link to one of the many theories. 

photo credit Richard Vandervord
photo credit Mick Bajcar
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