This page will show the various departments and their policies and procedures where available as well as the locations where AAB flew. Flight Operations and Maintenance Manuals as well as other manuals can be reviewed.  You will also see many aeronautical publications from 1973 to 2020 highlighting Antilles Air Boats, I will try to post other pertinent information regarding AAB's operations to this page.



Molly, Fred and Debbie at STT Terminal



Published Articles

Summer 1973
An article - "The Commercial Flying Boat Thirty Years After" 
by Dr. Douglas H. Robinson
About Antilles Air Boats and its early years of operations
Great article! Great photos!

Pro Pilot Mag - Nov. 1980

Airways - February 2001

Article - "by land and by sea"

Aircraft Illustrated

January 1970

Airline Quarterly Summer 1978.jpg
Aeroplane Monthly Mar1975 pt1.jpg
Aircraft Annual 76 - Pacific Passage.jpg
March / April 1975
61-69_AM_Antilles Air Boats_Apr2020_Page
April 2020

Note: Recognize the % Change 78/79 drop 33% . This followed the Sept. 78 accident and death of Capt. Blair. FAA restrictions on inspection intervals and weight and balance contributed to the reduction in passengers and miles.

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