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The Goose Grill

The Goose Grill was always a busy spot at the terminals. The passengers and employees alike would find a quick bite and a cold drink to be just what thay needed. In St, Croix, Martha ran the counter with precision and a smile.  

The adjacent photo shows Martha grilling up a quick meal. The menu shows a Cheeseburger and fries would be $2.00. I also see Sandringham T-shirts (upper left) displayed for sale. 

The Newsweek Magazine (in rack on right) was the April 13, 1981 edition


St. Croix

Bought my AAB Goose
T-Shirt at the Goose Grill
STX78 (5).jpg
STX78 (3).jpg

Michaela Farrell

St. Croix


Ms. Thompson (Marty's wife) , Jean, Pierre Champoux, ________ and Steve Tyler.

STX78 (5) - Copy.jpg
AAB (25).jpg

St. Croix

Pepe takes a break at the Goose Grill in Christiansted.

St. Thomas

Goose Grill - STT / Jan Baranski, Capt. Bob Johnson, Ron & Ann Crozier and Capt. Ron & Noreen Gillies
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