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Then & Now


The Antilles Air Boats website tells the story of those bygone years, but the downtown-to-downtown service didn't end. AAB operated from 1964 to 1981 with Virgin Island Seaplane Shuttle continuing from 1982 until Hurricane Hugo in 1989. In 1993 Seaborne Airlines started operations utilizing DHC-6 Twin Otters on floats to continue the seaplane downtown to downtown service . The Virgin Island Port Authority leases both the St. Croix and St. Thomas seaplane terminals to Seaborne. The VI Port Authority renamed both terminals in 2013. The St. Thomas terminal was named for Charles F. Blair Jr. , owner and operator of Antilles Air Boats and St. Croix terminal after Svend Ovesen, the first Virgin Islander pilot at Antilles Air Boats. The renaming of the terminals was not only a tribute to both individuals but keeps the history of Antilles Air Boats alive on the waterfronts of both islands. A little more below.

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Seaborne Virgin Island Inc.jpg

St. Thomas

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cfb terminal dedication.jpg
2013 Aug 26 Program Charles F. Blair Seaplane Terminal Ceremony pg1.jpg
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Ovesen  Seaplane Terminal.jpg
1025313_10153369990670302_1060297914_o - Copy - Copy.jpg
Svend A. Ovesen, Jr.

St. Croix

Sven A. Ovesen, Jr.
Seaborne Airways STX hangar.jpg
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St. Thomas - Yacht Haven Grande

IGY AAB Display rev 71521.png
leaseofthe360degreebuilding - Copy.jpg

The Antilles Air Boats Grumman Goose scale replica has arrived in St. Thomas in early 2022 at Yacht Haven Grande. This will be the centerpiece in telling the story and sharing the history

of Antilles Air Boats and its impact on the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

Antilles Air Boats Goose Lands In St. Thomas Once Again

another recent tribute to AAB
Update: Will seaplanes fly again?
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