Boris Sergiesky in front of his Mallard in the Adirondack hangar in 1949.

Aircraftsman Inc.
Jack Adams Aircraft Sales
Dean Franklin
South Pacific Airlines
Jerry Harvey
School Properties Inc.
ANTL. Inc.
Caribbean Airline Service
C/N   J-4



10-18-46      Brois Sergievsky

                      New York, NY     

12-01-64      Rockwell-Standard Corp

                      (Aero Commander)

                      Bethany, OK     (3,700 hrs.)

12-14-66     Aircraftsman Inc.

                     Oklahoma City, OK

12-16-66     Jack Adams Aircraft Sales

                     Walls, MS         (3,741 hrs.)

  8-28-67      Hart Stud Mill / Dewey Hart

                      Jasper, TX


 4-25-69       re-registered

 6-29-75       Dean Franklin Aviation Enterprises

                      Miami, FL      (4,741 hrs.)

 1-16-76       Gregory R. Board

                      Miami, FL

 6-16-76       registration cancelled 

                      exported to Australia


 5-27-76       South Pacific Airlines

                      operated in Malaysia

                      Sydney, Australia

N87381        Australian registration cancelled

 5-20-77       Mark R Board

                      Miami, FL

                      ferried to USA via

                      Singapore / France / UK

  3-10-78      Jerry Harvey

                      Minneapolis, MN

  5-01-78      School Properties Inc.

                      Minneapolis, MN

12-01-78      ANTL. Inc.

                      U.S. Virgin Islands

                      (leased to Antilles Air Boats)

  9-11-81      AAB ceased operations (7,000 hrs.)

  9-24-81      Chalk's International Airline

                      Miami, FL

  3-03-82      Virgin Islands Seaplane Shuttle

                      U.S. Virgin Islands


 4-20-85       Virgin Islands Seaplane Shuttle

                      U.S. Virgin Islands

10-28-86      crashed on take-off at St. Croix

                      due to aileron cable failure

                      (10,932 hrs.)

  5-90            Caribbean Airline Service

                      San Juan, Puerto Rico

                      wreckage sold for parts

FAA Records - N83781
FAA Form 337 - further documentation / misc.
Ownership / Transfers / Registrations / misc.