Boris Sergiesky in front of his Mallard in the            Adirondeck hangar in 1949.

C/N   J-4



10-18-46      Brois Sergievsky

                      New York, NY     

12-01-64      Rockwell-Standard Corp

                      (Aero Commander)

                      Bethany, OK     (3,700 hrs.)

12-14-66     Aircraftsman Inc.

                     Oklahoma City, OK

12-16-66     Jack Adams Aircraft Sales

                     Walls, MS         (3,741 hrs.)

  8-28-67      Hart Stud Mill / Dewey Hart

                      Jasper, TX


 4-25-69       re-registered

 6-29-75       Dean Franklin Aviation Enterprises

                      Miami, FL      (4,741 hrs.)

 1-16-76       Gregory R. Board

                      Miami, FL

 6-16-76       registration cancelled 

                      exported to Australia


 5-27-76       South Pacific Airlines

                      operated in Malaysia

                      Sydney, Australia

N87381        Australian registration cancelled

 5-20-77       Mark R Board

                      Miami, FL

                      ferried to USA via

                      Singapore / France / UK

  3-10-78      Jerry Harvey

                      Minneapolis, MN

  5-01-78      School Properties Inc.

                      Minneapolis, MN

12-01-78      ANTL. Inc.

                      U.S. Virgin Islands

                      (leased to Antilles Air Boats)

  9-11-81      AAB ceased operations (7,000 hrs.)

  9-24-81      Chalk's International Airline

                      Miami, FL

  3-03-82      Virgin Islands Seaplane Shuttle

                      U.S. Virgin Islands


 4-20-85       Virgin Islands Seaplane Shuttle

                      U.S. Virgin Islands

10-28-86      crashed on take-off at St. Croix

                      due to aileron cable failure

                      (10,932 hrs.)

  5-90            Caribbean Airline Service

                      San Juan, Puerto Rico

                      wreckage sold for parts

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