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Andy Whyte's Print #209 / 900

I started out to tell a little story of this specific print (#209) and where it is displayed today and how it got there. The more I looked, and the more I asked, there seemed to be additional questions. But I found the journey interesting. What I do know...

Charles & Chris Blair 1951.jpg
Chris (14 months) with his father Charles F. Blair Jr. and mother Janice in Excalibur III on 5/30/51
Screenshot (1036).png
Screenshot (1035).png
Chris Blair many years later, taking flight of a different kind. See more of Chris's accomplishments.
It hangs on the wall at 
Ed Cox's home. Ed is a Citation X instructor at Flight Safety International in Orlando, FL.
Ed Cox.jpg
Ed has years of experience flying some of the finest private/corporate aircraft domestically  as well as internationally.
Mirage Aviation
Longtail-Aviation-Logo-Black - Copy.png
Screenshot (1032).png

Ed and I both served on the International Operations Committee of the National Business Aircraft Association. It was during one of our meetings that I asked Ed if I shipped the airframe and engine logbooks to him, if he would drop them off at the New England Air Museum. Ed lived close to the museum and he knew the Executive Director  He delivered them in June of 2001. 

It was over ten years later that we both found Andy Whyte's print #209 on eBay and started the bidding process not knowing we were bidding against each other. After the bidding closed, I got a call from Ed saying "You'll never guess what I just got on eBay/".  

It is a very special print and I'm glad that it is displayed at Ed's home.

VS44 Print 2.jpg

Andy Whyte's painting depicts "Excambian" taking off from Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia, Queens, New York. This print was numbered #209 OF 900 and autographed by Andy Whyte. It was also signed by Igor Sikorsky's sons, Sergei, Igor Jr. and Nickolai and inscribed to Chris Blair with warmest regards. Chris Blair was Charles F. Blair Jr.'s son. It was presumed that Chris may have received this print at the dedication of VS-44 "Excambian" after its completed restoration at the New England Air Museum in October 1998. I recently talked with Chris and he stated that he was not aware of this print and never received it. He has a different numbered copy hanging on his wall, given to him by Maureen O'Hara Blair, which has no signatures from the Sikorsky's. Where was #209 from 1998 until it appeared on eBay about 2015?  Ed Cox was the successful eBay bidder.

Chris Blair
Igor Jr.

Andrew C. Whyte

October 1998

Maureen O'Hara Blair making a presentation during the dedication of VS44 "Excambian" at the New England Air Museum.

Helicopter-Nikolai-Sikorsky - Copy.jpg
June 8, 2010
A copy at Nickolai Sikorsky's office
my copy of print in Honolulu

the story continues soon...

3945 Lurline Dr..jpg
Charles, Chris, Janice Blair.jpg
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