Accident  -  April 5,1978
S/N  1152

Another accident with loss of life.

Both pilots died with all passengers surviving. Two pilots were flying because it was a training flight to check out the new arrival...Tom Mooney. Like the majority of  AAB pilots they arrive with extensive flying experience. Capt. Blair liked the fact that he could hire retired military pilots with incredible background  in aviation. Capt. Mooney  came from the U.S. Marine Corp.

Dave Howard was AAB's instructor pilot as well as Chief Pilot at American Inter-Island. Capt. Howard came from the U.S. Air Force. With that kind of experience in the cockpit, why did they make such a simple mistake? 


V.I. Daily News- April 7, 1978
"Search Continues For Wreckage Of Seaplane"
V.I. Daily News- April 8, 1978
V.I. Daily News- April 10, 1978
V.I. Daily News- April 11, 1978
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V.I. Daily News- April 12, 1978