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Maureen O'Hara Blair

1920 - 2015

Maureen O'Hara Blair was an incredible lady. A classy lady that was down to earth and a pleasure to work with. At AAB

she was Mrs. Blair and always very much part of the business. Her and Capt. Blair were indeed the dynamic duo. After the death 

of her beloved husband in 1978, Mrs. Blair showed incredible strength and took over as president of AAB and provided the leadership to guide us in the coming years. She will always be remembered for being the very special person she was.

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Mrs. Blair in Sydney
Maureen at Sikorsky.jpg

Maureen O'Hara Blair speaks at the event that launched the restoration of Sikorsky VS-44 Excambian N41881 in Connecticut  back in 1987.

Maureen O'Hara says...
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March 12, 2022 - "They Were a Perfect Match"
Dec. 27, 1959
Mary Simpson was a good friend of Maureen and also appeared on WML

Video Interviews...more

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quick video... 1976 Southern Cross trip to Ireland

A journey back to Foynes by Maureen O'Hara-Blair

Maureen and some of the FitzSimon Family

Paul Fagan and Charles FitzSimons on the Sandringham "Southern Cross" in 1977  - Maureen with her nephew, Charles FitzSimons (left) and grandson Conor Beau FitzSimons (right)  


on St. Patrick's Day


Remembering Maureen

"Southern Cross" in Ireland
Antilles Has A Party
VI Daily News 3-1-1979.jpg
AAB Anniversary - Wade DAILY NEWS.jpg
V.I. Daily News / March 1, 1979
AAB Anniversary 1979 rev.jpg
AAB Anniversary 1979 2.jpg
AAB Anniversary 1979 3.jpg

Maureen O'Hara Blair unveils  a plaque in honor of the founder of Antilles Air Boats, Capt. Charles F. Blair Jr. A bronze plaque will be installed at the Antilles station in St. Thomas and St. Croix.

Maureen O'Hara Blair thanks Mellow Hawks of Charlotte Amalie High School who performed for St. Thomas party, Mellow Hawks, director Richard Callwood (rear center) looks on.

The Daily News captures the 15th years anniversary celebration at the Antilles Air Boat ramps at STT & STX

Crowd of 500 well wishers enjoy Antilles Air Boats 15th anniversary party in St. Croix.

Document_2022-07-20_132948 - Copy.png
AAB Anniversary 1979 5.jpg

Senate President, Elmo Roebuck and Maureen O'Hara Blair display the three-layer birthday cake with the Mallard or 'Big Goose (caricature) looks on.

Capt. Brian Lincoln, Antilles Air Boats vice president and general manager predicts even more growth for the airline at the St. Croix party. Central High School Steel Bandis in the background.

AAB Anniversary 1979 4.jpg
Document_2022-07-20_133147 - Copy.jpg

Maureen O'Hara Blair, Big Goose and Commerce Commissioner Amadeo Francis pose in front of the Mallard.

Bunny Olsen, Antilles Air Boats' first paid customer, Muareen O'Hara Blair and Pattie Armstrong, Antilles Air Boats first complimentary passenger, wave to the crowd in St. Croix prior to the departure of the re-enactment of Antilles Air Boats inaugural flight.

Thank you to Wade Vianney for sending on the photos from the V.I. Daily News.

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