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Oh, deer...
and me without a camera.
Tom Anusewicz
Sandringham - Southern Cross makes its last Atlantic crossing in October 1980. A group of aviation enthusiast came together to purchase and prepare the aircraft to be flown and resold to a British Museum. The AAB flight crew was contracted to move the aircraft. The first leg was to be St. Croix to Boston. Things didn't quite go to plan.
N74676 - Comments on the accident of Nov. 5 1978

Catalina Sunshine

from Greg and Beth aboard the Catalina Sunshine

March 8, 2018

A quick story from Tom Molamphy

N83781 Grumman Mallard arrives in St. Croix to join the AAB fleet. A little story about a little tradition.
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Antilles Air Boats
"A lifetime of influence and admiration that almost felt like family to me" … Bruce Hinds
Bruce Hinds - Director, Seaplane Pilots Assoc. / Director,  Washington Seaplane Pilots Assoc.
Seabee Club Newsletter  -  
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February 21, 1976

A story from Steve Bell


Flying Magazine - August 1967

A Spendthrifts Tour of the Islands

by Liz Wilson / May 1979

(The Heretofore Unpublished Memoirs of an Ex-Ticket Agent)

by Marijane Sipple / April 2020

by Marijane Sipple / April 2020

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by Marijane Sipple / June 2020

by Marijane Sipple 

September 2020

by Tom Anusewicz
April 2020

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by Marijane Sipple 
June 2021

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