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Living large in the Caribbean in the 70's... as remembered by Tom Rose 50 years later

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Mrs. Blair
Tom Anusewicz
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Oh, deer...
and me without a camera.
Tom Anusewicz
Sandringham - Southern Cross makes its last Atlantic crossing in October 1980. A group of aviation enthusiast came together to purchase and prepare the aircraft to be flown and resold to a British Museum. The AAB flight crew was contracted to move the aircraft. The first leg was to be St. Croix to Boston. Things didn't quite go to plan.

Jim Flannagan
N74676 - Comments on the accident of Nov. 5 1978

Catalina Sunshine

from Greg and Beth aboard the Catalina Sunshine

March 8, 2018

A quick story from Tom Molamphy

N83781 Grumman Mallard arrives in St. Croix to join the AAB fleet. A little story about a little tradition.
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Antilles Air Boats
"A lifetime of influence and admiration that almost felt like family to me" … Bruce Hinds
Bruce Hinds - Director, Seaplane Pilots Assoc. / Director,  Washington Seaplane Pilots Assoc.
Seabee Club Newsletter  -  
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February 21, 1976

A story from Steve Bell


Flying Magazine - August 1967

A Spendthrifts Tour of the Islands

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by Liz Wilson / May 1979

(The Heretofore Unpublished Memoirs of an Ex-Ticket Agent)


by Marijane Sipple / April 2020

by Marijane Sipple / April 2020

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by Marijane Sipple / June 2020


by Marijane Sipple 

September 2020

by Tom Anusewicz
April 2020

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by Marijane Sipple 
June 2021

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